God's Other Children - A London Memoir

God’s Other Children – A London Memoir is an extraordinary, powerfully told story of how it feels to be a gay black man in Britain. Born in London in 1961 to Jamaican immigrant parents, Vernal W. Scott has experienced racism, homophobia, and the pain of losing family members and close friends to AIDS. Each ordeal has brought its own challenges yet throughout it all Vernal’s belief in God and humanity’s basic goodness has remained intact. God’s Other Children is an inspiring, thought-provoking testimony to one man’s perseverance and the values that guide him in making a difference where it matters the most.

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“God’s Other Children is a poignant, compassionate memoir that is hauntingly honest and engagingly written. It is also a lesson in the power of forgiveness and of how emotional fulfillment can be found in love and giving.”