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Everything you never knew or will ever need to know about plants is wonderfully detailed in this excellent book. Although most of us take plants for granted, they are an important constituent of medicine, food and drink and for centuries, a source of architectural and cultural inspiration (William Morris' patterns are one of many examples). Stories of iconic plants are woven into a narrative that bubbles with intelligence, humour, quirky nuggets of information and a guide to gardens worth visiting including London's Kew and the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens in South Africa. There is so much to enjoy about this book although the section Plants in Peril is a chilling wake up call. Climate change, the desertification of the Aral Sea and the environmental damage from palm oil production is a stark reminder of our dependence on plants and how much is at risk if they're not protected.  
5.0 rating
"This wonderful book tells the in-depth story of plants with energy and richness."
The true story of Hein Prinsloo Curson and his ambitious project to protect endangered animals. With his husband Richard, he is developing plans to turn 100 square kilometres of conservation park in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, into the world’s biggest animal sanctuary with Geo domes, cutting edge anti poaching security and a giant aquarium. Their extraordinary story is the subject of a 2021 TV series.
Reviewed By GB Publishing
5.0 rating
“An inspiring book that reveals the struggle to protect wildlife and endangered species.”
Two powerful storms choke a normally peaceful river with logs and manmade debris yet despite the chaos and the COVID 19 pandemic, nature finds a way of fighting back. A pair of geese take up residence on the river where they raise a family of goslings and battle to defend their home from predators and kayakers attempting to remove the fallen trees. Can they survive a turbulent year in the wild?
Reviewed By Juliette Foster
4.0 rating
“A touching, personal look at the natural world’s response to a moment of environmental chaos.”
Tommy is a little boy who, thanks to a magical ring, is whisked away to the enchanting Kingdom of Clouds where he befriends a host of fantastically talented animals. The book highlights the value of imagination, creativity, hope and friendship and why it’s important to follow your dreams. Brilliantly illustrated by the author, Little Tommy is a book that both adults and children will love.
Reviewed By Agnes Meadows, poet & writer
5.0 rating
"A wonderful book where Solonair’s unique style of art tells an engaging and profound story."
Based on real life events, this is the true story of a young Englishman who gave up his successful legal career to build a hotel in Asia - only to become a victim of Mafia violence! Harassed by criminals with police connections, he was imprisoned and then acquitted after a year in jail. After failing to rebuild his company, he was later found dying on the side of a road. The book describes his family’s search for justice.
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“A harrowing story of how an innocent dream was destroyed by corruption and violence.”
Four cooks, a gin distiller and a mixologist combine their unique talents to create one extraordinary cookery book. The key ingredient of the 150 starters, main courses, and desserts in the Ginologist is gin and the results are breathtaking. Whether it’s pumpkin tart or the manly man washed down with a long refreshing glass of liquid salad, we guarantee this book will change your view of gin.
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“A book that proves there's more to gin than tonic.”
Spoddle is a small happy frog who lives quietly in a garden pond…until his peace is disturbed by the arrival of three unpleasant goldfish. Every day they bully him about his appearance, making him feel sad and lonely. One day a heron hunting for food, flies over the pond, spots the fish and gobbles them up. The bird doesn’t notice Spoddle, who is left alone in his pond, although he’s soon joined by another frog looking for a new home. Check Out the Links For The Spoddle the Frog Artwork Spoddle the Frog Goldfish Spoddle the Frog Words      
4.0 rating
“A lovely book which shows children why bullying is wrong and hurtful.”
On the run from his enemies, mercenary Davian Kercher is forced to take refuge on a pirate ship for his own protection. Surviving in the shadows is tough in a universe where life is cheap and violent power struggles are raging across known space. When a new nightmare emerges from the shadows, it brings with it both danger and the threat of oblivion.
Reviewed By Juliette Foster
3.0 rating
“Nova Descent is the highly anticipated second instalment of David Kimberley’s Antecedent Series.”