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In Conversation with Christopher Ritchie

Award-winning horror writer Christopher Ritchie takes you into a world of fear, darkness and raw terror. In this revealing interview with Juliette Foster he explains what makes the horror genre special, how Steven King influenced his work and why he enjoys scaring people!
In the final part of the Morrow Trilogy, Tallitha must unravel the last secret of the Morrow Swarm and their dark spell, or face terrible consequences. Through strength of will and the support of her friends, Tallitha confronts the Northern Wolds and comes to terms with the greatness of her own magic. Will it be enough to release her from the Swarm’s greed and corruption, or will she have to sacrifice herself to save those she cares about the most?
4.5 rating
"A spellbinding trilogy that ticks all the right boxes for a children's literary classic."
In the second instalment of this Gothic trilogy, Tallitha’s quest has brought her within the grip of the Morrow Swarm, whose power is wrapped in deceit and dark magic. Even worse, the Swarm is determined to make her one of their own! Trapped inside their evil walls, she needs to escape if she’s to save her brother, her friends and herself. Using her own special magic, Tallitha wages a fight against the Swarm in the battle to find the weaknesses that will defeat them for good.        
4.5 rating
"A fabulous read that really grips the attention."
The first book in a powerful trilogy about Tallitha Mouldson, a young girl caught up in the sinister web of her eccentric and powerful family. Set in the strange land of Wycham Elva, The Morrow Secrets is a tale of dark forces, mystical characters and wicked intent. Determined to unearth the family secret, Tallitha and Tyaas escape the clutches of their strange family and head into the wilderness and the mysterious world of Breedoor. Join the adventure as Tallitha endures terrifying challenges, encounters the strange creatures of the underground kingdom, and begins to unravel the gripping mystery of The Morrow Secrets. Suitable for children aged between 12 - 15.
4.0 rating
“A fabulous, engrossing book that reads like a Gothic classic.”
A chance meeting with a bereaved father makes Jeffrey, Duke of Gracechurch, wake up to the hollowness of both his marriage and family life. Persuaded to marry at a young age, he and his wife Flora have ended up living separate lives. Jeffery is determined to make amends to his wife and children, but Flora is confused over how to respond. Can he convince her of his sincerity and is Flora willing to risk her hard won peace of mind for the prize of undreamt of happiness?
4.5 rating
"poignant and wonderfully told story."
Cast out by her father for refusing his choice of suitor, Lallie Grey accepts a marriage proposal from Hugo Tamrisk, confident he loves her as much as she loves him. However, Hugo’s past throws a long shadow as does his recent liaison with Sabina Albright. It isn’t long before the newly-weds are caught in a comedy of errors which threaten their future happiness. When a perfect storm of misunderstanding and confusion triggers a devastating quarrel with her husband, Lallie feels she has no choice but to leave him. Can Hugo win her back and will there be a happy ending for both of them?
4.5 rating
"A delightful, well written novel."
When eighteen-year-old Olivia finds herself alone and homeless after her mother’s sudden death, she accepts the offer of a marriage of convenience from Jack Rembleton hoping that love will grow between them. What she doesn’t know is that Jack's affections are engaged elsewhere. Ten years later Olivia has made the best of her situation as a loving mother with her place in society. However, her life is about to change when an unexpected encounter at a masquerade with the intriguing Luke Fitzmaurice leads to a second chance at love. Before she can dare to seize the moment, Napoleon escapes from Elba and Luke joins the army of the Duke of Wellington in Brussels. Will war dash Olivia's hopes of happiness?
5.0 rating
"A classic Regency romance with wonderful writing and a genuine sense of authenticity."