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In Conversation with Christopher Ritchie

Award-winning horror writer Christopher Ritchie takes you into a world of fear, darkness and raw terror. In this revealing interview with Juliette Foster he explains what makes the horror genre special, how Steven King influenced his work and why he enjoys scaring people!
The true story of Hein Prinsloo Curson and his ambitious project to protect endangered animals. With his husband Richard, he develops a plan to turn 100 square kilometres of conservation park in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, into the world’s biggest animal sanctuary with Geo domes, cutting edge anti poacher security and a giant aquarium. Their extraordinary story is the subject of a 2021 TV series.
5.0 rating
“An inspiring book that reveals the struggle to protect wildlife and endangered species.”
Two powerful storms choke a normally peaceful river with logs and manmade debris yet, despite the chaos and the COVID 19 pandemic, nature finds a way of fighting back. A pair of geese take up residence on the river where they raise a family of goslings and battle to defend their home from predators and kayakers attempting to remove the fallen trees. Can they survive a turbulent year in the wild?
4.0 rating
“A touching, personal look at the natural world’s response to a moment of environmental chaos.”
4.5 rating
"A wonderful book where Solonair’s unique style of art tells an engaging and profound story."
At the age of 25, I’ve only very recently started reading memoirs and non-fiction in the same way that I devour fiction, and I feel as if I have plenty of catching up to do.
5.0 rating
The Rosie Project is a charming, funny and insightful read about a man who appears to have his life in perfect order apart from one thing: a romantic relationship.
5.0 rating
Stephen Chbosky’s novel is a great example of how the epistolary narrative style can be used powerfully. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is written from the perspective of Charlie, a teenage boy in his first year of high school, who’s writing to an unknown recipient, 'dear friend' as he recounts his year through these letters.
5.0 rating