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My Literary Bucket List – A Snapshot

Since 2010 I’ve been compiling a list of all the books I want to read before I die. This wasn’t a sudden impulse triggered by a traumatic event, if anything

Juliette Foster Juliette Foster

Turgid & Tortuous – The Worst Book I Ever Read and Why.

When I was asked to write a short piece on the worst book I’ve ever read, and why I thought it was so awful, it didn’t take me long to

Agnes Meadows Agnes Meadows

So You Want to Be a Writer – A Few Thoughts on Writing

I've just finished another stint as a judge on a national/international Literature Competition, something I’ve been extremely happy to be part of for a number of years now.  During that

Agnes Meadows Agnes Meadows

Do Readers Judge Your Book by Its Cover?

Short answer, yes. I know that’s the last thing an author wants to hear, since the story is what matters. You’re right, the story does matter. But I want to

Violeta Nedkova Violeta Nedkova

Health on My Shelf

Do you know why your body can sometimes feel run down? Why some people have stronger immune systems than others, or the impact of certain foods on genetic markers? There

Nicola Massey Nicola Massey

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