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Read2Write showcases the eclectic talent of independent authors, playwrights, poets and publishers to an online audience. There are millions of stories that are either waiting to be shared or-which though written-are struggling to gain wider recognition. Read2Write is the vehicle which gives a voice to that talent. Although self-publishing has made it easier for writers to get into print, getting noticed and building a following can be tough. At Read2Write we not only review books, plays, and poetry but every month we feature and promote the best titles from the publishers’ shelves, while connecting writers to national and international audiences through social media and technology unique to our site.

We film one to one interviews with authors, giving our audience a chance to learn more about them and their work, and we listen to the views of publishers. It pays to know how they make decisions about the books that reach the shelves! Training courses and readings with authors are also in the pipeline along with literary events and themed programmes.

The founding members of Read2Write are journalist and TV presenter Juliette Foster and businessman John May. Juliette and John are passionate about supporting writers and committed to encouraging everyone -regardless of age -to read and write, especially the next generation who will need to be more robust and knowledgeable if they’re to find a place in the world, especially following a global pandemic! It’s about telling the stories that live inside all of us, so why not share them with Read2Write?

Juliette Foster

Juliette Foster (Founder) is a journalist and broadcaster who has worked for some of the world’s leading media organisations including BBC World News, Bloomberg News and Sky News. She is also a keen reader and it was while working as a book reviewer for Surrey Life magazine and the international cultural magazine Dante, that she came up with the idea for Read2Write. Juliette will be reviewing books and inviting guest reviewers from a cross section of readers to contribute to the Read2Write website. Her ambition is to give independent authors and publishers the literary recognition they deserve and to encourage more people, especially children, to read books and write novels and short stories.

John May

John May (Founder) is a chartered accountant and an experienced and successful businessman with interests in multiple industries. He is also an enthusiastic reader who embraces the ideas behind Read2Write because he wants to raise the profiles of up-and-coming authors and introduce more people to their work. John passionately believes that reading broadens our knowledge and that anything which encourages people to be better informed is no bad thing!

Cheryl D'Cruz

Cheryl D’Cruz (Brand Ambassador) has a professional background in sales, advertising and fundraising and by nature is extremely inquisitive! She is determined to make the experience of a visit to Read2Write as interesting and as diverse as possible for every user. Cheryl believes the opportunity to get to know the authors and to understand the ideas behind their stories is as important as the books themselves. Her goal is to keep the Read2Write site fresh and interesting. With that in mind she is planning to introduce competitions, podcasts, and author readings. Engaging with readers is at the heart of Cheryl’s approach as she believes there should be more to a website than selling books!

Violeta Nedkova

Violeta Nedkova (Communications Manager) is an indie author and book cover designer, who specialises in social media marketing and who loves to curl up with a good book in her free time. She's also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Her goal at Read2Write is to help independent authors promote their books through our platform and to bolster up the indie author and LGBTQ communities online. She passionately believes that you have to do your thing your way and that we are all stronger when we support one another. When it comes to books, Violeta loves to sniff them, clutch them to her chest, and hoard them in every nook and cranny of her house. Reading is magic, it’s adventure, it’s living a thousand lives within the confines of one.