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Legendborn is one of the best written books I have ever read, and I have read quite a few. I recommend this book to anyone who likes urban fantasy and magic in their stories.
5.0 rating
A fast-paced debut urban fantasy novel that you can't put down once you've started reading it.
The thing about TJ Klune is that you can always tell that you’re reading one of his books. It’s the thing I love most about this author. He has a way of writing that is both enticing and magical. Every sentence is a statement and a mystery. It’s also very emotional, and it’s especially true for this book because of the beginning and the main character. Because the main character is someone I found myself deeply in love with from the very start, I was emotionally invested from the first page and crying by the fifth.
5.0 rating
A magical, emotional journey for the open-minded.
It Ends With Us will steal your heart and return it to you richer and with more feeling that you’ve ever experienced, or at least it did that with mine. This will forever be one of my favorite books of any genre. When you reach the ending, you will discover how very profound even the title is. This book deals with a heavy topic, yes, but it deals with it perfectly.
5.0 rating
A contemporary romance novel that will steal your heart!
Juliet Gilkes Romero’s Day of the Living is one of two plays in the book Making Mischief, which explores the global issues of truth, corruption and freedom. Day of the Living is the true story of forty-three teacher training students who were violently abducted from Ayotzinapa Mexico in 2014. They were never seen again and no one was brought to justice. The play is an anarchic, musical tribute to life and the Mexican spirit with urgent global issues at its heart. Day of the Living was inspired by the fight for justice for the missing students and the thousands of murdered and disappeared in Mexico. We Are Arrested, an adaptation of the magnificent novel by Can Dundar, is the second play in the book. The plays were part of the RSC's (Royal Shakespeare Company) 2018 Mischief Festival.    
4.5 rating
"A play that burns with a plea for justice and gives a powerful, haunting voice to the victims of brutality and murder."
“This is my War. My War for Civilization. My War for Freedom. My Life. My Race. My Place. My Honour. My Home.”  Stranded in the battlefields of the Holy Land during the Great War, a battalion of West Indian volunteers fight for the Empire, the King and the Motherland. Their long search for identity and honour falls apart as the fragile hopes of young lives, both black and white, explode and shatter as betrayal and race take their toll. At the Gates of Gaza is a highly charged, emotional and gripping look at a world in the midst of change.
5.0 rating
 “Those blessed with a strong social conscience should hurry along to see this remarkable new play, which delivers with unerring accuracy a short sharp kick in the guts.” – The Stage
Karen is a rising star in British politics, but on the eve of a general election she risks her career and reputation on a bitter and contentious fight over whether to allow short lists for black Parliamentary candidates. Deselected by her party and betrayed by the men she loves Karen must embark on a relentless road to power and political redemption. Provocative and raw, Upper Cut unravels the fight for diversity and black representation through coalition politics and the hope and rebirth of New Labour. This is a play that takes a deep dive delve into the troubled heart of a Labour party struggling under the might of Margaret Thatcher's Tory party revolution. Upper Cut is inspired by true political events.
5.0 rating
“A powerful, heartfelt work that shows why Juliet Gilkes Romero is one of Britain’s most exciting and original playwrights.”
As the 19th Century dawns in London, politicians of all parties gather to abolish the slave trade once and for all. However, the price of freedom turns out to be a multi-billion-pound bailout for the slave owners rather than the enslaved. As morality and cunning compete amongst power hungry men, two women navigate their way to the true seat of political influence, challenging members of parliament who dare deny them their say. The Whip is the 2020 winner of the prestigious Alfred Fagon Award. 
5.0 rating
"A brilliant, provocative work that shines an uncomfortable light on one of the most shameful chapters of British history."
In the long-awaited sequel to Dear Beneficiary, feisty sixty year old widow Cynthia Hartworth settles down to life in Africa with Darius, her handsome young Nigerian lover, and her newly found partner in hostage Tracey. They may aspire to a quiet life but for Cynthia and Tracey things are about to get complicated as they find themselves caught up in escapades and adventures as hilarious as the ones that first brought them together.  
4.0 rating
“Janet Kelly is back with another Cynthia Hartworth adventure that will make you howl with laughter.”