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Decency, fair play and honesty, values that make up the British way of life. Unfortunately, the idea doesn't always sit well with reality. Journalist Oliver Bullough takes a deep-down dive into the murky world of money laundering revealing how lawyers, accountants, and bankers allowed the dirty money of kleptocrats and criminals to swirl through Britain’s political, legal, and financial establishment. Where was the government when all this was happening? Looking the other way of course!
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A brilliant expose of how Britain became the laundering gateway for a global criminal elite of kleptocratic leaders, tax dodgers and thieves.
GALLANT is the latest book by V.E. Schwab, who is truly a master of magic, of the supernatural, and of pulling the strings of readers’ hearts. It is one of the best, eeriest books I have read in recent times. Imagine The Haunting of Hill House meets Stephen King meets V.E. Schwab’s magical gentle touch, and you’ll understand what you’re in for with this book. This story is not just very dark, but also very emotional. It is a story of an orphan in constant search for home, for parents, for blood, for what it means not to be alone. It is a story about family, about legacy, and mostly, about Death, and the cycle of life that goes around. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the author, who loves stories about Death and ghosts, and who loves to cry several times reading a book. I was held prisoner by this story and had to read it in two sittings, in two days, because there’s no other way to read this.
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"Imagine The Haunting of Hill House meets Stephen King meets V.E. Schwab’s magical gentle touch, and you’ll understand what you’re in for with this book."
Everything you never knew or will ever need to know about plants is wonderfully detailed in this excellent book. Although most of us take plants for granted, they are an important constituent of medicine, food and drink and for centuries, a source of architectural and cultural inspiration (William Morris' patterns are one of many examples). Stories of iconic plants are woven into a narrative that bubbles with intelligence, humour, quirky nuggets of information and a guide to gardens worth visiting including London's Kew and the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens in South Africa. There is so much to enjoy about this book although the section Plants in Peril is a chilling wake up call. Climate change, the desertification of the Aral Sea and the environmental damage from palm oil production is a stark reminder of our dependence on plants and how much is at risk if they're not protected.  
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"This wonderful book tells the in-depth story of plants with energy and richness."
Polly Hawkins has been prime minister for four years when she is faced with her toughest and biggest challenge. A spaceship, manned by a human crew, arrives on planet earth from another solar system with news about mankind’s origins and the threats to its existence. As Polly manages her working relationship with the visitors and other government leaders, it becomes clear that the visitors are not the first to show an interest in the planet.  
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"An exciting novel from a debut writer."
Legendborn is one of the best written books I have ever read, and I have read quite a few. I recommend this book to anyone who likes urban fantasy and magic in their stories.
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A fast-paced debut urban fantasy novel that you can't put down once you've started reading it.
The thing about TJ Klune is that you can always tell that you’re reading one of his books. It’s the thing I love most about this author. He has a way of writing that is both enticing and magical. Every sentence is a statement and a mystery. It’s also very emotional, and it’s especially true for this book because of the beginning and the main character. Because the main character is someone I found myself deeply in love with from the very start, I was emotionally invested from the first page and crying by the fifth.
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A magical, emotional journey for the open-minded.
It Ends With Us will steal your heart and return it to you richer and with more feeling that you’ve ever experienced, or at least it did that with mine. This will forever be one of my favorite books of any genre. When you reach the ending, you will discover how very profound even the title is. This book deals with a heavy topic, yes, but it deals with it perfectly.
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A contemporary romance novel that will steal your heart!
Juliet Gilkes Romero’s Day of the Living is one of two plays in the book Making Mischief, which explores the global issues of truth, corruption and freedom. Day of the Living is the true story of forty-three teacher training students who were violently abducted from Ayotzinapa Mexico in 2014. They were never seen again and no one was brought to justice. The play is an anarchic, musical tribute to life and the Mexican spirit with urgent global issues at its heart. Day of the Living was inspired by the fight for justice for the missing students and the thousands of murdered and disappeared in Mexico. We Are Arrested, an adaptation of the magnificent novel by Can Dundar, is the second play in the book. The plays were part of the RSC's (Royal Shakespeare Company) 2018 Mischief Festival.    
4.5 rating
"A play that burns with a plea for justice and gives a powerful, haunting voice to the victims of brutality and murder."