A Bleak Remedy

Two vampires live inside a secretive biomedical research facility on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. One is a ravenous humanoid bat while the other, which to all intents and purposes looks human, is equally dangerous. Both have regenerative abilities which scientists want to harness to make a universal panacea that could heal wounds, infections, diseases and save lives. Research scientist Doctor Wil Goggins is thrilled about the promotion that gives him access to the facility’s secret areas. But Goggins will soon discover that dark choices must be made for the greater good. As the scientific teams study the vampires, their investigative colleagues work to find more of these creatures. Their search will lead them to a town in the backwoods of Pennsylvania where nobody is sure if the more fearsome of the monsters are vampires or humans. Blood is the price of progress!


Format: Kindle Edition (Kindle Unlimited) & Paperback

Paperback: 467 Pages


Language: English


Reviewed By Reviewed By Violeta Nedkova
“A humorous and horrific story that’s full of interesting characters and gut wrenching choices! This was one vampire novel I really couldn’t put down.”