Diana Baleanu

Against the Odds

Diana Balenau’s autobiography is a story of courage in the face of danger and the hard faced reality of living in a country ruled by a dictator. Born in Romania in the 1970s, Diana was the daughter of a diplomat and enjoyed a life of relative privilege. When her father unexpectedly defected to the West, Diana and her family endured persecution and suffering at the hands of Romania’s hated leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and his dreaded secret service. Just as Diana gave up hope of ever being reunited with her father, Romania was engulfed in a violent rebellion that would change the country’s destiny and the course of Diana’s life.

Paperback: 146 Pages

Language: English

Format: Kindle Edition & Paperback

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“Diana Balenau’s haunting biography is a graphic account of what it’s like living under a dictatorship in an Iron Curtain country”.