John Sauvage

Autobiology of a Vet

In this gentle, heart-warming memoir British vet John Sauvage takes the reader through the ups and downs of a life devoted to caring for animals. Most encounters were memorable…though not always for the right reasons! There’s the cussing parrot; the agitated bodybuilder who pinned John against a wall as he was vaccinating his puppy; and the stallion who kicked him in the eye with its hoof. Doctor Doolittle this ain’t! John was born in London and educated at a large state school later working his way into veterinary college. He’s practised animal medicine in the United Kingdom and East Africa, including a stint in Uganda when the country was run by notorious dictator Idi Amin. John now lives in the UK and is a member of the prestigious Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Autobiology of a Vet is his first book.

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“A delightful read that brings laughter to the heart and tears to the eyes.”