Juliet Gilkes Romero

Bilad Al Sudan

Bilad Al Sudan is part of an anthology of seven short plays originally commissioned by London’s Tricycle Theatre. These extraordinary dramas were designed to encourage discussion and debate on the crisis in Darfur, an area in western Sudan bordering Libya, Chad and Central African Republic that was also the scene of what became known as the first humanitarian crisis of the 21st century. Bilad Al Sudan focuses on two refugees from rival clans living in a government refugee camp in Darfur with two very different experiences to relate. The play is available in a volume entitled How Long is Never? Darfur – A Response. A percentage of all book sales and performance royalties will go to the Aegis Trust, a leading independent international organisation that works to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity.


“An astonishing piece of writing that burns into the soul with the force of its message.”