Bunny Girls

Bunny Girls steps out of the shadows of girlhood and looks at the world with wide eyes. Surreal, spiky, wise and darkly funny, award winning poet Angela Readman mixes shades of film noir, northern wit, and magic realism. Through the lens of childhood, her poems address autism, anxiety, and darker concerns buried by cultural ideals of femininity. In Readman’s hands words are odes to severed heads, angels and Disney villains, Marilyn Monroe’s body double, squashed slugs, sexual awakenings, Wendy-houses and snow globes, nosebleeds, and blackbirds. Women are both invisible and actively writing themselves into the visible. Where there is isolation and dislocation, its counterbalance is finding breathless, reckless joy in the acts of creation and imagination. At its heart, this magnificent book is about darkness and light, the lovely and the frightening, the beautiful and the worrying.

Format: Paperback

Paperback: 72 Pages

Language: English

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“Extraordinary, magical writing. An utterly sublime collection of poetry.”