Katy Sloane

Celestial Goddess Rising

This extraordinary book brings powerful revelations of hidden ancient truths that will expand your consciousness and allow it to blossom.


Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“Katy Sloane has used her extraordinary knowledge to write a book that is readable and overflowing with angelic wisdom.”


The earth is at the most pivotal point in its history and yet how many of us are aware of the formidable goddess energy rising through our bodies? It is leading us towards the next, glorious stage of human consciousness although reaching that point means choosing to evolve spiritually. How do we get there and how do we know when we’ve arrived?

Katy Sloane is an artist, reiki master, spiritual mentor and author of Celestial Goddess Rising, her dazzling, easy to read road map into the powerful revelations of ancient truths that expand the human consciousness. In a world of angels, archangels, and celestial guides, the author takes the reader on a revelatory journey that opens up the magic of the Cosmos, accelerates spiritual growth and leads the mind to its highest path. Upliftment and empowerment are her goals, all of which she delivers through writing that is down to earth and practical, backed up with an abiding belief that this next golden age will lead to an earth anchored in peace and unity.

For anyone looking for a broader perspective of the ethereal realms and the celestial beings leading humanity on its journey towards the next golden age, then Celestial Goddess Rising is an ideal, enlightening read.

Reviewed by Juliette Foster