When her mother dies in an accident, 16-year-old Bree Matthews decides she wants nothing to do with her childhood home or the memories that go with it. Escape comes in the form of UNC Chapel Hill, which offers a residential program for bright students. Unfortunately, Bree witnesses a magical attack on her very first night on campus, marking the start of an extraordinary adventure involving a flying demon that feeds on human energy, a secret society of Legendborn students who hunt the creature down, and a mysterious teenage mage who tries and fails to wipe Bree’s mind of everything she saw. As Bree connects with her own unique magic, a past memory with a hidden link to the night of her mother’s death rises to the surface. Bree will have to make important choices, but how far will she go in pursuit of the truth?

Paperback: 512 Pages

Language: English

Format: Kindle Edition, Audiobook, Paperback & Audio CD

Reviewed By Violeta NedKova
“A fast-paced debut urban fantasy novel that you can’t put down once you’ve started reading it. If you want a novel that fuses urban fantasy with Arthurian legend then this book is for you.”


For a debut novel, Legendborn is truly amazing!

After I heard about it, via the BookTube community, it was so hyped up that I was afraid to read it. However, when I took the plunge I was totally blown away by every aspect of the novel: the writing, the plot, the characters! I can honestly say that it’s one of my favorite books and the best ever written.

What I loved most about this novel was the writing. Tracy Deonn is a new author with a fresh voice, and I guarantee that from the opening lines you’ll be totally gripped by the words and the fast pace of the narrative. This novel reminds me of  V. E. Schwab who tells a story in such a way that you keep turning the pages without being able to stop. I’d never heard of Tracey Deonn before and neither have most of the readers in my circle, and the fact that she has achieved so much with her first novel makes her talent all the more remarkable.

I found the plot really interesting – an Arthurian tale in modern times with a magic spin – and the main character – an African American girl on campus – really unique, and like I said before, the writing will keep you turning those pages. The only thing I wasn’t so crazy about was the twist at the end, but that’s only because I’ve seen it before. In spite of that this book is truly unique and definitely worth the read.

Legendborn is one of the best written books I have ever read, and believe me I have read quite a few in my time. I recommend it to anyone who likes magic and urban fantasy in their stories.

Reviewed by Violeta Nedkova