Max and his mother Ceila are on the run, hiding from an abusive father and husband, and their pack leader. They find shelter at Holly Court, where Celia’s oldest friend lives with her pack alpha husband, three daughters, and teenage son Jonah. Jonah has the perfect life. His family is close, his dad is respected, and he’s been groomed to take over the pack. Everything is set, his whole life is planned, and Jonah works hard to be what people expect of him. He knows the last thing he needs is to be saddled with a runaway wolf. Unfortunately, fate has a different idea, and soon, it becomes apparent that the two teenagers were always meant to be more than friends.

Paperback: 256 Pages

Language: English

Format: Kindle Edition & Paperback

Reviewed By Reviewed By Violeta Nedkova
“A cool story about two teenage werewolves who are also soulmates. It’s a very intense book, full of conflict.”


Finding your fated mate and finding that they already have a mate sucks. If you don’t want to read this kind of story, I would steer clear from this book for sure.

In general, this was a nice little love story between two teenage boys who are also wolf shifters. I liked the legend of the soulbond, and that the main characters were such, but I didn’t really like all the jealousy and conflict that peppered the entire book. It was too much conflict, in my opinion.

I liked the two main characters and their dynamic (Jonah being the adorable but obnoxious alpha and Max being the lovely but overlooked omega), but the jealousy grated at me. If you like your romance books without jealousy and cheating, then you wouldn’t like this book.

In the end, it’s a fun story, but too annoying at times.

Reviewed by Violeta Nedkova