Queen of Gods (The House of Shadows Duology)

Nothing comes without a cost, as Deina knows. She has lost everything to save the ones she loves. Theron may be alive but in the mortal world nothing is safe. Although Orpheus is gone, the ruthless Aristaeus is now searching for a legendary object which bestows a power that even the gods themselves fear. When Deina sees an opportunity to not just save herself, but also destroy Aristaeus and free the mortal realm from the cruelty of the gods, she sets out on a new quest. To succeed means running away from everything she holds dear. The rewards may be infinite but in a game against the gods, punishments are eternal.

Paperback: 432 Pages

Language: English

Format: Kindle Edition, Audiobook & Paperback

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“An excellent sequel.”

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