The Constant Rabbit

Much Hemlock is a village that has always been right-wing. It prides itself on being British, solid, and above all traditional. Everything is just as it should be…until the day when they moved in! They’re not only different from everyone else but they have a weird religion, follow an aggressive vegan agenda, and have far, far, FAR too many children for comfort! On the surface they seem very quiet and peace-loving, but don’t you believe it because heaven only knows where their deception could lead! The they in question is a family of human-sized rabbits, the product of an inexplicable anthropomorphising event that occurred half a century before. With the prospect of a mass rehoming to Wales for 1.2 million rabbits, long term Much Hemlock resident Peter Knox has to make a choice: enjoy a cosy job for life at the Rabbit Compliance Taskforce, or stand firm with the rabbits and endure the full brunt of human savagery.

Format: Kindle Edition, Audiobook (with membership), Hardcover & Paperback

Paperback: 320 Pages

Language: English

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“A hilarious story with its own seriously, unique take on contemporary issues. This is social and political satire at its very best.”