The Morrow Secrets (The Morrow Secrets, Book 1)

The first book in a powerful trilogy about Tallitha Mouldson, a young girl caught up in the sinister web of her eccentric and powerful family. Set in the strange land of Wycham Elva, The Morrow Secrets is a tale of dark forces, mystical characters, and wicked intent. Determined to unearth the family secret, Tallitha and Tyaas escape the clutches of their strange family and head into the wilderness and the mysterious world of Breedoor. Join the adventure as Tallitha endures terrifying challenges, encounters the strange creatures of the underground kingdom, and begins to unravel the gripping mystery of The Morrow Secrets. Suitable for children aged between 12 – 15.

Paperback: 256 Pages

Language: English

Format: Kindle Edition (Kindle Unlimited), Hardcover & Paperback

“A fabulous, engrossing book that reads like a Gothic classic.”