The Murmur of Masks: Love and Heartbreak in Regency England (The Duchess of Gracechurch, Book 1 Kindle)

When eighteen-year-old Olivia finds herself alone and homeless after her mother’s sudden death, she accepts the offer of a marriage of convenience from Jack Rembleton hoping that love will grow between them. What she doesn’t know is that Jack’s affections are engaged elsewhere. Ten years later Olivia has made the best of her situation as a loving mother with her place in society. However, her life is about to change when an unexpected encounter at a masquerade with the intriguing Luke Fitzmaurice leads to a second chance at love. Before she can dare to seize the moment, Napoleon escapes from Elba and Luke joins the army of the Duke of Wellington in Brussels. Will war dash Olivia’s hopes of happiness?

“A classic Regency romance with wonderful writing and a genuine sense of authenticity.”