The Parable of the Mustard Seed

John is a police officer who deals with hurt kids every day. He loves what he does, but he’s tired of trying to find a balance between his job and his personal life. Caleb was the teenager John saved from a cult eight years ago, and he’s now the young man John helps out whenever he needs him. Eight years after his rescue, Caleb is still struggling with PTSD and self-harm. John has always been his rock, but now Caleb wants more. Can he convince John to love him and will John be able to save Caleb from the monsters of his past?

Paperback: 286 Pages

Language: English

Format: Kindle Edition, Audiobook, & Paperback

Reviewed By Reviewed By Violeta Nedkova
“Utterly beautiful and heart-breaking book that will stay with you for a long time. Elements of hurt comfort, found family, forbidden love, slow burn, and healing from trauma. One of my favorites.”


Listen, I have read a lot of gay romance books, and this one is one of my favorite ones.

Let’s just start with the premise – a cop saving a kid from a cult, and that kid growing up wot be highly traumatized and turning to the cop for help and just overall seeking his support and friendship. The bond they develop through the years is nothing short of stunning. I enjoyed every second of it.

It’s such a sad and emotional story, but it offers so much hope and healing. That is why I love reading books – to have both the dark and the light. To explore the lives of different individuals and see them come together. And of course, forbidden love and slow burn always help.

Highly recommend to anyone who loves hurt comfort and a very slow burn. Absolute 5 stars.

ps The triggers for this are: PTSD and self-harm.

Reviewed by Violeta Nedkova