This One Is For You

This One Is For You is Agnes Meadows’ fifth collection of poetry and dedicated to long time friend and fellow poet the late Brinsley Sheridan. As well as covering the themes of history, memory, struggle and everyday beauty, these poems also explore the nature of friendship and the ingredients of endurance, joy, and survival. Agnes Meadows is a two time winner of the Christina Sergeyevna Award for Outstanding Writing and fans, along with those unfamiliar with her work, will adore this excellent collection.

“Agnes Meadows’ This One Is For You is an intense and wondrous journey into the imagination. Her poetry is warm, rich and evocative of all the places we might travel. Each poem is like a personal dedication to the reader given in the spirit of generosity and celebration. It’s a book full of secret delights, hidden sadness, and true friendship.” – Aoife Mannix, Poet.