Dr Nigel Barley

White Rajah: A Biography of Sir James Brooke

Eminent Victorian Sir James Brooke lived an extraordinary life. His story began in 1841 when he was caught up in a war in Brunei, which started when a party of local Dayaks tribespeople refused to fold up their umbrellas in the presence of the Sultan. Ever the opportunist Brooke, with the Sultan’s blessing, made war on the Dayaks and as a result ended up ruling over Sarawak, a kingdom the size of England. How he achieved it is a romantic, even horrifying story, but it cemented his reputation as a legendary figure. Hell raising Hollywood actor Errol Flynn wanted to play him in a movie and to this day his dynasty is remembered throughout South-East Asia.

Format: Kindle Edition, Hardcover & Paperback

Paperback: 272 Pages

Language: English

Reviewed By Reviewed By Juliette Foster
“A fascinating book that reads like a nineteenth century boy’s own adventure story.”