Ox was twelve when his dad walked out on him, but before he left he told him he was worthless and that people would never understand him. At the age of 16 Ox meets a boy on the road who can’t stop talking and it’s only later that Ox finds out the lad hadn’t spoken in almost two years and that he had moved into the house at the end of the lane. At the age of 17 Ox discovered the boy’s secret and it painted the world in shades of red, orange and violet, of Alpha, Beta and Omega. When Ox was 23, murder came to town, tearing a hole in his head and heart. The boy pursued the monster with revenge in eyes of flaming red, leaving Ox to pick up the pieces. Three years have passed since that fateful day and the boy is back…except he’s now a man and Ox can’t ignore the song that howls between them!





A magical, emotional journey for the open-minded.


The thing about TJ Klune is that you can always tell you’re reading one of his books. What I really love the most about this author is his quality. He has a way of writing that’s both enticing and magical. Every sentence is a statement and a mystery. It’s also very emotional, and it’s especially true for this book because of the beginning and of course the main character. Because the main character is someone I found myself deeply in love with from the very start, I was emotionally invested from the first page and crying by the fifth.

Ox is a simple man who is constantly underestimated and underappreciated by everyone around him. But he has a huge heart which was made to love and from the very first meeting of him and his love interest, which happened in the childhood of said love interest, you will be grabbed by their story. You will also enjoy the characters and their loyalty to each other.

Reader warning – this is a gay werewolf story that also happens to be extremely beautiful!

To this day this book is one of my favorite novels because of the way that it’s written, the amazing characters, and the fast paced way that everything happens. It is filled with action, emotion, love, and loyalty. It’s one of those books that you’ll remember long after you’ve read it.

I would recommend Wolfsong and TJ Klune in general, because of the way he grab’s your heart in a vice from the opening sentences. If you like stories with a magical undercurrent, a subtle delivery that also packs a punch, then he’s the author to go to.

Reviewed by Violeta Nedkova