Meet Read2Write co-founder Juliette Foster

Read2Write’s Juliette Foster takes you through a book collection that includes fiction, non-fiction, literary classics and biographies. Find out why George Elliot’s masterpiece Middlemarch and Christopher Ritchie’s brain twistingly funny Stop the ‘Pocalypse! I Wanna Get Off! are among her favourite reads…and why a bobble headed souvenir doll of Donald Trump is a useless bookend!

In Conversation with GB Publishing (GBP)

A frank and honest look at the world of publishing from an independent publishers perspective. There is a as a more detailed interview on our video page please do find the time to check it out here.

In Conversation with Derek Pearson

Derek E Pearson lives on the London/Surrey borders where he spends most of his time at his keyboard imagineering new worlds or twisting existing worlds through the dark prism he uses instead of a brain. His prolific work has been widely reviewed by prestigious media including Surrey Life and The Sun newspaper which rated his…

In Conversation with Christopher Ritchie

Christopher has published 3 books to date House of Pigs – 2013  Which was an Indie Fab finalist in Horror at the Foreword’s Book of the Year award. The Ordinary – Which was a awarded a Silver winner award in Horror by the Foreword’s Book of the Year Award 2015. Stop The Pocalpse! I Wanna Get Off! (5…